Friday, December 19, 2008

Its alright, Its okay, there is something to live for Jesus told me so.

Sometimes you have to dust off one of your favorites to be reminded why it is what it is.

You are either a communist or you are clinically dead  if you do not like this movie.  fucking genius.  Here is my favorite quote-

"I believe it was yesterday I was called to the bathroom at the cemetery to take care of something.  I walked into the bathroom and in the middle toilet right there somebody didn't shit in the toilet somebody shat on the toilet, they shat on the walls, they shat on the floor.

I had to clean it up man, but before that for about 10 to 15 seconds man I just stared at somebody's shit man.  To be honest with you man it was a really, really profound moment.

I was thinking I'm 30 years old and in about 10 seconds I gotta start cleaning up somebody's shit man."- Mark Borchardt

Mark Borchardt speaks to my soul. 

Mike Schank is possibly the greatest human alive, and helps solidify my decisions of sobriety.  So you should give him a call.  I got his phone # from the American Movie website.
Call him up, shoot the shit talk about AC/DC or Metalica.  

I would like to have a cyber moment of silence to remember uncle Bill. R.I.P. homie.

I don't swim, but if I did it is good to know Mark and I share similar styles of swimwear.


MapleXO said...

"you know what.... weak."

onesickrace said...

thats funny i got shecklers number. 949-292-1901 call him up and shoot the shit with him about zit cream or headphone sponsorship...