Monday, December 1, 2008

Solargraphy #1 Mt. Tabor Sunset

My mind has been melted by Solargraphy The whole idea is to track the suns path using a pinhole to burn a negative on the emulsion of black and white photo paper.  It involves over exposing a paper negative to the extent of discoloring the paper as a negative. After you over expose the hell out of the paper you quickly scan the negative and invert it into a positive with photoshop. So the discoloration of the paper is tones of greyish/purplish/blueish, so the positive is in color. The negative will eventually completely discolor. You don't develop, fix or treat the negative to any sort of chemicals.

I have 3 more pinholes set up around Portland and can't wait to see what has been recorded on the paper.  We haven't had too many sunny days lately so no big expectations, but I am going to leave a few cameras out for a few months.  This photo was taken by my pinhole that I taped to a rose bush @ Mt. Tabor.  This exposure was from Tuesday 11/25 - fri 11/28.  We only had 1 day of sun in those few days so there is only 1 streak of sun.  


Northern California Nature Photography said...

That is a great photo, Nice blog!

Lindsay Jo said...

mt. tabor = scary at night!

Lindsay Jo said...
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