Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

This is an old pinhole project of mine where I made cameras out of objects and then photographed related subjects to the cameras with the pinholes. You get the idea the book camera, the barbie camera, and the scrabble camera.

It was a fun project that I made for a group show a few years back. It was pretty much the best show I could have hoped for at the time. I somehow sold all 3 of the images and everyone who bought prints also bought the cameras as well. I was super surprised when people wanted to buy the cameras, fuck it I was surprised the venue let me hang up my cameras that were held together by electrical tape. So this I guess is just a shameless self promotion post. Enjoy.

Side notes-----
-The Scrabble camera is the most expensive pinhole camera I have made. $18.00 I had to buy a new scrabble game for all the pieces.
-The Barbie camera's fim winder is Barbie's left arm. I like how you can see her right arm in the photo.
-The Book camera was made from the old Kodak book "How to Make Good Pictures". I didn't want to come across like an ego-maniac so I taped over the Good.


skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

damn, so rad!! good job. im gunna have to have janet help me make a pinhole. theres a girl in AZ that uses only pinhole cameras and she does great stuff as well. i just have one question....was the pinhole on the barbie between her legs? i hope so.

plane jane said...

cindy...you are a dirty bird. buzzy, this is amazing. thanks for inspiring the rest of us who are just sitting here watching leno.

Jason Kelley said...

I remember that freaking show, damn fine creations. You trumped any and all Dossier participants from all three years! I hope I run into you soon.