Sunday, May 3, 2009

I like Chris McCaw

Chris McCaw while camping in Utah in 2003, he planned to make an all-night exposure of the night sky. Using a 7-by-17-inch homemade view camera, he hoped to capture Earth's rotation, tracing the path of the stars. The key was to close the shutter before sunrise. "Well, I woke up a little late," he admits. "The camera was positioned due east, focused on infinity."

In short: "The lens effectively becomes a magnifying glass. Sort of like a kid and a leaf," he says. "When I was changing the film, I saw that it had solarized into a positive image" -- the sun so hot it burned a "path," an actual hole -- onto the film plane. Later, he made a contact print from the negative. But in the translation, "I lost everything -- the scorching. Instead you got a black line."

This guys Sunburnt images are amazing. I love the solarization, and the physical burnt streak of the suns path adding to the image. His series uses the most basic principles of photography, just capturing the movement of light. I also am a big fan of happy accidents in photography.

Here is his site.

Chris McCaw

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