Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nature Study: Sunflowers of S.E. Division St.

Nature, you gotta love that shit.
Fuji instant film emulsion lift triptych onto Arches watercolor paper.


Bucky T. Miller said...

Did you have to do anything special to get the Fuji to lift and adhere properly? I've had terrible luck with image transfers and that film so far and I've heard emulsion lifts are a bit of a headache as well. At any rate, the Fuji-esque colors really work with this piece.

Jamie Larson said...

Keep on keepin on with this instant film business. These lifts are dope!

buzzy sullivan said...

Bucky T. Miller.

Yeah the Fuji lifts are a bit different for the 669 lifts. Pros- The fuji film is a lot thicker and stays together way easier. The colors are way better with the fuji film.

Cons- You have to scrape the glue-snot like substance off the backing after you lift the image and paint it onto what ever you are going to put the lift on. The glue drys clear, but it can be a bitch to get it spread out evenly.

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