Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my likes of the week in no particular order

Jim Thiebaud is a solid fucking human. I got to meet hang out with Jim over Christmas break, and the man lived up to his reputation of being a genuine good natured guy who has done a ton of amazing work for skateboarding. I am lucky to be able to call Jim my friend.
I am a fan of all things Molina, but this one grew on me slowly. I finally get it. I think Magnolia Electric Co. is more appealing in the rain.
Smith Eliot is a cool Portland photo lady. Check her stuff out here.

Dan Drehobl Krooked boards are fucking amazing. Seriously the best shape I have ever skated. 8.125 x 31.06. I like wide boards, but it is pretty hard to find one that isn't super long. If you are short like me and like widerish boards this is for you. this board changed my outlook on life.


Fashion Serial Killer with Glasses said...

ooh weeee I didn't know there was a new M.E.C coming out-but July! That's so far away *sigh*

lee bender said...

i never would have thought you were short.. you wear shorts... but short? hmmm, with such huge ass feet, how does it all work, what does it mean? that photo lady takes photos of her drowning children?

lee bender said...

and how could i not agree with you more about jim... gold