Friday, March 12, 2010


Mr. Duck (this is my favorite so far)

Mr. Owl

Kid Hands

Mr. Rabbit

Stack of kid cameras (more electrical tape @ this point than box)

Recently I was a guest lecturer @ a community college non darkroom photography class. I did my little song and dance about pinhole photography to the college folks and then assisted them in building Altoid tin pinhole cameras. Well short story long when the dust settled about 5 out of 20 students pinholes produced images. Which kinda sucks.

A few days later I was contacted about the opportunity to show 5th graders @ Child Roots Center for Young Children how to build cameras and shoot pinhole photos. I was a bit worried because of the not so great outcomes from the college people's pinholes, but I took a chance.

The 5th graders built their cameras out of soap boxes and I loaded them up with paper and they took photos of their favorite toys. Today I developed the negatives and printed some of the photos, and I am so happy with some of the outcomes. Don't get me wrong we did have some completely over exposed images as well. The next sunny day we will have the second round of shooting so everyone can get get a good image. In April Child Roots Center for Young Children is going to auction off these images which I am printing and mounting to help raise money to help keep as many of their teachers in jobs as they can. I will post more info about the auction closer to the date.

This little experience totally makes me realize how much of a photo maker and liker I am.


Jamie Larson said...

Word up, these are dope! Thanks for supporting the teachers of the world.

Anonymous said...

may the blessing be always with you!! ........................................