Sunday, June 13, 2010

Susan Derges

There are photographers who have produced work and ideas that I am 100% envious of. Susan Derges is one of those artist. Her creativity and lack of camera use in her photography is seriously mind numbing. She has created a direct relationship with her images and the organic environment. I am serious in love with the idea of the natural environment being the main factor in creating abstraction. We take our realities as fact, and when we let a brainless object record our surrounding they never appear as we think they do. She has a ton of different series, but my favorite 2 are Chladni and River Taw.

In the series Chladni she sprinkled carborundum powder directly onto photographic emulsion where it was exposed to sound waves at different frequencies. The vibrations of the frequencies on the emulsion created abstract, organic shapes in the final black and white prints.

In the series River Taw she takes long sheets of color photo paper and submerges them in a river bed thet is near her darkroom. She lets the ambient light and the refraction of the flowing river water expose the emulsion. She then pulls the wet paper from the river and processes through.

Here is her website: Susan Derges

Chladni Series

River Taw Series

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