Friday, December 31, 2010

I am in need of a new year

This one sucked.

My Tim Ward inspired resolutions.

• Print a series of 3 foot or bigger photos
• Listen for 5, talk for 1
• Get in where I fit in
• Bro down with the bros more
• Noseblunts on mini ramps
• Switch nose manual the stupid manual pad @ camp
• Come home to Montana in the spring or fall
• No or minimal temper tantrums
• Learn the art of being ok
• Cut my fucking hair and mail it off
• Quit stressing about stuff I have no control over
• Go to Arizona with Charlie and Nate
• Spend more time in the darkroom
• Stay away from facebook and all the online narcissistic weirdos
• Have a doctor figure out what is up with my shoulder
• Gain 10 lbs (I know I sound like a tard, but it is fucking hard for me to do)
• Snowboard

These images are from my photo final last semester. I would post my artist statement, but I don't have it on my computer. You can make up what they mean and be pretty close to the mark.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

those are great Buzzy!!! If you come to AZ you should go on a photo mission with Janet and I!

p.s. my captcha phrase is "lazienes" maybe that's french for lazyness ha

Seth said...

Good list! If you need help with the snowboarding one, I have a place in the CO rockies (20 minutes from Beaver Creek and 40 miles west of Woodward Copper Mountain) that is all yours... I always need an excuse to hit the powder!