Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Total Eclipse of the Heart or Moon

Tonight I watched the eclipse of the full moon right after my mom picked me up from the airport in Missoula. I haven't been back to my hometown in a few years and with my life being in a bit of a mess it feels good to be in a familiar place.

Missoula is in a valley so it is often socked in with clouds, but tonight the moon gods were on our side and the clouds parted so my mom and me could watch the eclipse. The moon was eclipsed @ 12:41 and I don't think I have ever seen my mom awake at nearly 1 am. It was a special event.

Here is a funny conversation between me (ryan) and my mom.


TimWard said...

I saw some eclipsing through the clouds over Phoenix. It's almost always clear here, except tonight. Your mom talking was seriously funny. I liked when she said "ohhh your kidding"

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I missed it.. too cloudy in the desert, do you freaking believe that? ha.. Oh and I LOVE that song Total Eclipse of the Heart, you should have had that playing in the backdrop of the short flick hehe