Friday, January 7, 2011

Neat and great wrapped up in a wonton

Timmy sent me a link to this video about Vivian Maier's found negatives. 100,000 negatives and most of them have never been seen, not to mention the drawer full of film yet to be processed. I have never wanted to print someone else's photos more in my life. I love people who thrive at making stuff outside of any kind of spotlight.

It is a super cool story and you better watch the whole video because she has an amazing quote at the end that pretty much sums up life.


lee bender said...

"see if the art world accepts her." amazing. thanks buzzy

Jamie Larson said...

So crazyamazing. That dude is soooo fried from scanning. Thought he was gonna cry. ha

Grandpa said...

yes, to this and to coming across your blog.