Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Who Owns the West?

Palm, Salton City, CA

"We operate in systems of story and metaphor that we use to define the world (both natural and social) for ourselves, and we must always seek to remodel the mythology (model) we have inherited from society (because each synthesis always fails).

Artist in the American West (as everywhere), from Timothy O'Sullivan to Charlie Russell and the duck-stamp painters, to the Baghdad Cafe and half-buried, nose-down Cadillacs in the desert, have always worked towards helping us in that process by inciting us to witness a version of the moment with blinders off. It's what artist are for; they help us see; they drive society through the process coming to fresh recognitions; it is a political responsibility."
- William Kittredge from Who Owns the West?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Always Close

Lost Horizon: Mt. Shasta, CA

One night while out walking in Eugene, OR, I looked south and saw the silhouette of Spencer Butte challenging the blackness of the night sky, and since then I have been really into photographing silhouetted landscapes.